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In February 2018, a small crowdfunding project called Choose Cthulhu was born: This was a collection of seven gamebooks which took the stories of the American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and translated them into the classic format of the 80’s: “Choose your own adventure.”


Our intention was to combine the nostalgia for this type of interactive literature that, in the late 70s and especially during the 80s, changed the way the world understood reading, with the visual power of the incredible stories of Lovecraft and his Cosmic Horror.


With Choose Cthulhu we wanted to make you suffer, IN“FIRST PERSON”, the events narrated in the CTHULHU MYTHOS cycle.

Choose Cthulhu concluded as an amazing crowdfunding success. With very few resources and virtually no experience in the world of crowdfunding, our gamebooks became a phenomenon – achieving critical acclaim.

We achieved the initial goal, of 10 thousand Euros, within the first 12 hours and the project ultimately reached 522% of overfunding, resulting in a fund exceeding all of our expectations,  52236 €. This is pretty amazing for a book series!

The recognition and plaudits followed quickly and Choose Cthulhu was chosen as the best crowdfunding project of the 2018 #Letsdoit challenge above more than 50 other submitted projects. (

Now, in February 2020, Choose Cthulhu II returns to close the invocation circle that we opened 2 years ago. We will achieve this by bringing you seven new stories that complete the Cthulhu Mythos cycle:

*Choose Cthulhu 8: The Colour out of Space

*Choose Cthulhu 9: The Festival

*Choose Cthulhu 10: The Whisperer in Darkness

*Choose Cthulhu 11: The Haunter of the Dark

*Choose Cthulhu 12: The Thing on the Doorstep

*Choose Cthulhu 13: The Shadow out of Time

* Choose Cthulhu 14: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

And the totally new and exclusive 2nd generation gamebook:

+ Advanced Choose Cthulhu: Escape from R’Lyeh

Choose Cthulhu I
  • STORIES that perfectly complement those that we had already adapted in Choose Cthulhu I:


    *Choose Cthulhu 0: The Call of Cthulhu (extreme)

    *Choose Cthulhu 1: The Call of Cthulhu

    *Choose Cthulhu 2: At the Mountains of Madness

    *Choose Cthulhu 3: The Shadow over Innsmouth

    *Choose Cthulhu 4: The Nameless City

    *Choose Cthulhu 5: The Dunwich Horror

    *Choose Cthulhu 6: The Dreams in the Witch House


    This collection also contains a “mythical” book, its very own “Necronomicon”; an exclusive volume for the first crowdfunding campaign of which there are only 2500 copies worldwide:

      * The Arkham Madhouse (2017). Written by Victor Conde, Giny Valrís and Edward T. Riker.

Choose Cthulhu is very much an “old school” gamebook collection. We have had to adapt many parts of the original texts from H.P. Lovecraft to a simpler, less dense version, offering a pleasant re-reading and allowing the reader to explore all the options without making it over-challenging or dull.

For the regular collection (books 1 to 14) we have chosen the format of full page playable sections like the original CYOA gamebooks. Each story contains a path that leads to the same conclusion that Lovecraft wrote for his stories but, in addition, we added a whole series of alternative adventures of our own design. In short, Choose Cthulhu is an adaptation of the original STORIES, and if you take the same decisions as the original protagonists, you will reach the same ending; but if you take your own decisions, you will discover exciting new paths and endings (mostly as terrible as the originals!).

Choose Cthulhu II will adapt more of Lovecraft’s work:

*Choose Cthulhu 8: The Colour out of Space

*Choose Cthulhu 9: The Festival

*Choose Cthulhu 10: The Whisperer in Darkness

*Choose Cthulhu 11: The Haunter of the Dark

*Choose Cthulhu 12: The Thing on the Doorstep

*Choose Cthulhu 13: The Shadow out of Time

* Choose Cthulhu 14: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

But also… we will introduce a NEW concept:

“ADVANCED CHOOSE CTHULHU”, an EXCLUSIVE book that includes the characteristics of SECOND GENERATION GAMEBOOKS, in the style of collections such as Fighting-Fantasy, Lonewolf or Sorcery!

Advanced Choose Cthulhu: Escape from  R’Lyeh By  Edward T. Riker & Eliezer Mayor.

  • * This gamebook includes new game play features such as: character sheets, skill test, combat, equipment …
  • * It includes a map of the legendary Corpse Island of R’Lyeh, which players will be able to explore freely. Each of its locations is an adventure in itself that the reader will try to survive whilst avoiding the awakening of the Great Old One: Cthulhu.
  • * Visit places like The Cliffs of Madness, the Underwater Temple or The Beach of Lost Souls and use the equipment you find and your skills to escape from R’Lyeh
Pasaporte de personaje para Advanced Choose Cthulhu (ejemplo)

Choose Cthulhu II: The “Choose your own insanity gamebooks” launches a collection of 7 new gamebooks in two different formats: (Vintage and DELUXE) and in two different languages (Spanish and English).


Trying to capture the feeling of nostalgia inherent in the classic books of the 80s, Vintage Choose Cthulhu is a collection which is completely faithful to the layout, look and feel of the ORIGINAL gamebooks from the 80’s.

Some features of this format are: The re-creation of the typographic fonts from the 70’s and 80’s used by the gamebooks and the absence of courtesy pages or flaps, as was used in the works published in that decade. We have improved the offset white paper by using a paper of higher quality, which recreates, much better, that feeling of collectability and supports greater ink saturation without becoming transparent.

Ilustraciones portadas Edición VINTAGE


One of the main concerns of the Choose Cthulhu team  was that the Vintage, as it is a tribute to the traditional editions of the 80s, was considered strangely “simple” compared to the editions we are used to nowadays, and readers not familiar with this type of publication felt uncomfortable with such a simple edition.

Therefore, the Luxury Edition is a larger and more complete format that includes an illustrated bestiary with all the creatures and characters that you may encounter during the adventure.


In terms of content, the adventure and decisions are the same in both formats.

We have a team of translators consisting of graduates in philology, specialized in literary translation, as well as scholars of Lovecraft’s original work, helped by a native support team. But in addition, Choose Cthulhu will be reviewed by the acclaimed book author of the famous Fighting Fantasy series:  Mr. Jonathan Green

The visual aspect of our books is fundamental. The quality, variety and faith to the original definitions and descriptions of the Cthulhu Mythos and its creatures, is what governs the illustrations of our gamebooks.

Ilustraciones interiores (diversos autores)

In Choose Cthulhu we always look for amazingly worked covers in acrylics and oils, and interior illustrations able to immerse the reader in the exciting adventures of THE MYTHOS. All of our books have around 11 illustrations HAND DRAWN with pen and ink, each of them in full page format, with several small illustrations to offset the shortest passages and some of the endings.


Our readers:

Choose Cthulhu is characterized by the quality of the stories and, above all, the loyalty to the original works and the popular culture associated with it. Many of the expressions we used in the books are LITERALLY extracted from the original stories and, for many unfamiliar readers, it could sound “weird” or outdated. A major focus of our writing has been to adapt the stories for all readers.


With Choose Cthulhu we want to return to the origin of the “era of the gamebooks”. Our intention has always been that the books be enjoyable for EVERYONE, regardless of their level of involvement with the genre or the time they have available to read. IN ADDITION Choose Cthulhu includes puzzles, deductive research, use of objects obtained during the adventure and all kinds of resources associated with the genre, which will attract any fan of gamebooks.


As we know that this “back to the origins” approach may fall short for some expert o r modern players, we wanted to introduce the Advanced Choose Cthulhu concept with all the features of the second generation gamebooks that they will be more familiar with.

This campaign is to raise funds for the creation and translation of Choose Cthulhu II, but you can also purchase copies of Choose Cthulhu I.

Please read the contents of each of our rewards carefully.

In case you have any doubts, you can always contact us at: [email protected] or [email protected]


 – Investigator of the occult II:

  •  * Includes the complete Choose Cthulhu II collection in DELUXE EDITION + VINTAGE EDITION + Advanced Choose Cthulhu.
  •  * Additionally, you can become a playable character in our original work, Escape from R’Lyeh! You will have your own character passport included with the book, with your own personalized story and unique features that all Advanced Choose Cthulhu readers can use. Become part of the world of Cthulhu Mythos!

We will contact you to give us all the necessary data and we will use a photo of your choosing as the basis for the character design.

 – Sacrifice to Shub-Niggurath:

 Includes Choose Cthulhu I + Choose Cthulhu II (volumes from 0 to 14) DELUXE EDITION + Advanced Choose Cthulhu + Exclusive engraving of Shub-Niggurath limited to 7 pieces, made by the master engraver Eliezer Mayor Hernández following the large-format chalcographic engraving technique (DIN-A2):

  • * Limited edition of 7 pieces numbered and signed with certificate of authenticity.
  • * Engraving paper of 650 grams of high quality.
  • * Din-A2 size (594 x 240 mm)
  • * Unique Shub-Niggurath illustration.
Edición de grabados de Nyarlathothep para Choose Cthulhu I

Greater Patronages : Do you have a store and do you want to have copies of Choose Cthulhu to sell, before anyone else? Are you part of a mailing list and want to buy discounted copies for your customers?


Make your custom order and receive copies at the address you request with great discounts. Receive your books without any additional costs, shipping costs or additional taxes. Our books are produced in a region free of taxes (Canary Islands) VAT 0%.


Remember that the only disadvantage of buying with discount is that your order DOES NOT INCLUDE STRETCH GOALS, although we will add a complete set as a courtesy with each order.



In addition to all donations, you have the opportunity to add the following individual products to your collection purchase:

To make Choose Cthulhu  Project even more attractive, and to support the attainment of our funding, we have included a series of extras that you can buy alongside our collector’s edition packs (Great Old Ones Donation). These extras are all related to the work of H.P. Lovecraft and contribute to the sense of a true “collection” of Choose Cthulhu.

So, in addition to all donations, you have the opportunity to add the following individual products to your collection purchase:

  •  * Bookends: Cthulhu Head: Made of hard resin and sculpted from scratch by our own artists, we are confident that our design will not damage during transport and can be easily replicated by using silicone moulds so we can adjust the production costs. The measures are 15×12 cm.
WIP sujetalibros
  •  * Leather travel bookcase: Designed for travellers and collectors, the leather case measures 20×15 cm so you can protect any volume of Choose Cthulhu regardless of the edition type (although they are specially designed for the luxury edition).
Diseño Funda de viaje
  • * Lovecraft 30 cm plush: Our official H.PlushCraft is the thing that nobody would have thought of before and nobody really needs, until they see someone else with one… A stuffed  H.P. Lovecraft? Why not? There are thousands of stuffed Cthulhus, better to have one of the origin of evil, right?
H.P. Luchecraft

The expanded goals are not an official part of Crowdfunding and we will add them should we exceed the original funding. As the project grows we will thank you with new and exciting GIFTS.



With your help, we will be able to spread the project and get more people to know Choose Cthulhu and participate and thus achieve even MORE REWARDS:

It’s as easy as:

 IF we get THIS TWEET to retweet a certain number of times, or THIS Facebook POST is shared, we will unlock the indicated reward for FREE. We just have to convince our patrons share at their social media and, as we get more and more, it will be easier and easier to unlock the rewards:

But to make the campaign much more attractive, we also have created THE CHOOSE YOUR OWN CROWDFUNDING.

As we reach new funding quotas we will unlock 2 different additional rewards and YOU, through our Facebook page:, will decide which one you want to make to come true.

Of course, at first it will be very easy to decide which one to pick, but we are willing to increase the jeopardy as we move forward through this “adventure.”

In addition, you are free to invite all your relatives, friends and lethal enemies to vote for your favourite option. At the end of the day, the important thing is that the designs of the OLD ONES are fulfilled … right?

STRETCH GOAL 28.000 €  

0% 0%

When a project goes to crowdfunding, one of the biggest concerns for patrons is confirmation value of the pledge is congruent with its cost and that the idea will be accomplished.


We are requesting the total amount of 22,000 Euros to finance the creation of 29 books! (7 DELUXE  edition,  7 in vintage edition + Advanced Choose Cthulhu across two languages).


Luckily we have the experience of the Choose Cthulhu I project and have learned from our last venture:

Final product delivery dates:

Patrons frequently worry about delivery timeframes when committing to a project. We would like to be totally honest with you.


Choose Cthulhu II carries all the experience earned  from Choose Cthulhu I and hundreds of emails with opinions, reviews and learning opportunities.

It is essential for us that the final result of the collection is excellent and for this reason we will not hesitate to dedicate all of our time and effort to the creation of each volume. That is why that for Choose Cthulhu II:


  • * We have not set delivery times as narrow as we did for Choose Cthulhu I, the delivery time to have the books ready, reviewed and “tested” is approximately 1 year from the moment the crowdfunding ends. Our commitment is that not a single failure occurs.
  • * In addition, we will have much more time to review the translations and our COPY TRANSLATORS Jonathan Green and Lee Braddock can verify the use of excellent prose.
  • * We have refined and expanded our work team with new illustrators, new layout designers, new writers and reviewers. Choose Cthulhu II has increased the number of people so that we do not create bottlenecks in delivery.
  • * We have contracted new shipping services to avoid errors in deliveries. Choose Cthulhu has FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, no matter the country you come from, but in order to comply with this service we have had to eliminate the purchase of loose copies. In Choose Cthulhu I, the postage of single copies resulted in severe losses and undermined the efficiency of the service. For everyone’s security and peace of mind, all shipments will be certified.

If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to ask us any question through this platform or on social networks!

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